Who is it for?

The Aqua Marina Atlas is a very stable, price-point inflatable paddle board. The board is an all-around shape that is great for cruising near the shoreline and short distance paddling and is also wide enough for paddlers of all skill levels and sizes to be able to use with ease. Carrying the board is quite easy as it weighs just over 21 lbs and the board has rich graphics on it, making it stand out. At $549 , the Atlas sits in the affordable price point tier in terms of affordability.

First Impressions

If you're looking for something that is at a lower price point that doesn't break the bank and gives you ample stability, whether it's for you, your kids or even if you want to throw some cargo on the nose, then the Atlas is a board to consider. The board comes with a paddle, leash, pump, fin and carry bag, so with this single package you're ready to hit the water. The deck does feel a bit soft so it could use some reinforcement there, but then again once you start adding these reinforcements to make the board a bit stiffer the price point starts to go up. The board features an improved inflatable pump and connector, making the connection between the pump and board easy to use, which hasn't always been the case with Aqua Marina boards in the past. Overall, at the price point this package is offered at, it's a pretty solid deal for a recreational paddler looking for something that is budget friendly and great for the entire family.