Date of Birth:
Country: United Kingdom
Favourite AM Gear: Monster Board
Favourite Sports Star: Bethany Hamilton
Team AM Since: 2017

1.Where do you currently live ?

I am very lucky to be living on the beautiful South Coast of England. I’m only a short 45 minute drive to the sea, where I can usually be found paddle boarding in the waves around Boscombe or Bournemouth pier, or on an adventure exploring the amazing coastline.

2.What has been your best SUP trip so far ?

Travelling to Cornwall to go surfing at the crack of dawn. What made this trip stand out from all the rest was the amazing setting. I was at my favourite beach on the North Cornwall coast, the stars were still shining and the sun was a few hours away. The wind had dropped and the surf conditions were perfect for the paddle board. This one of my first times taking the paddle board into large waves and it was amazing! The waves I caught that morning were the longest I have ridden to this day.

3.Why did you choose Aqua Marina ?

We need to encourage more people to get fit, live a healthier lifestyle and try more outdoor activities. Like myself, Aqua Marina have a huge passion for water sports and  strive to be the leader in their industry by producing fantastic quality products, at a price that can get everyone on the water.

4.What do you do when you are not paddling ?

When I’m not paddling I’m always making the most of my free time. You will likely find me on a long walk with my partner Alice and our two dogs. If that’s not the case then you will find me enjoying my one of my many hobbies such as cycling, surfing, climbing, wind surfing, shooting and archery.

5.What paddling related accomplishments are you most proud of ?

It may be a small accomplishment but I’m still very proud of the fact that I have trained my dog, Flo the Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla, to join me on my paddle boarding adventures. She now happily sits on the nose of the board and occasionally jumps in for a swim.

6.What is your favorite Aqua Marina gear? Why?

Currently my favourite product is the Aqua Marina Monster. Due to its large size it is very stable and a stable board is a fun board. I have taken the monster on many long paddles covering distances of up to 20 miles. The other great aspect of the board is the ability to paddle with a passenger be it my girlfriend or the dog and some times both.

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